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Registered Massage Therapy 
relaxation massage by RMT at Relax Restore Rebalance Massage Therapy Nanaimo BC

Relaxation Massage

Relax Restore Rebalance

This style of massage has smooth, gentle, gliding strokes that promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being.  Relaxation massage improves range of motion and circulation while decreasing stress and muscle tension.  It calms your nervous system, making it a great choice for those suffering from depression and anxiety.  Our Registered Massage Therapists do their best to make sure you are feeling zen.  

Therapeutic Massage

Condition Specific Massage including:



Muscle Tension/Spasm



Plantar Fasciitis


Neck and Back Pain

Sciatica symptoms

Degenerative Disc Disease

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Golfers/tennis elbow

Headaches- tension and migraine

TMJ dysfunction

Registered Massage Therapy at Relax Restore Rebalance Massage Therapy Nanaimo BC
Pregnant woman wanting pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

Well-being for both

Yes! We have pregnancy pillowing for our tables, so that you can lay on your belly during your prenatal massage!

Pregnancy Massage can help relieve some of the pregnancy discomforts, such as, back & neck pain, headaches, and muscle tension.  Prenatal massage also promotes a sense of well-being and decreases stress, as it is preformed in a relaxation massage context by our Registered Massage Therapists.

Trigger Point Therapy

Knot be gone

trigger point therapy at Relax Restore Rebalance Massage Therapy Nanaimo BC

Trigger points, also known as "knots", are when some of the muscle fibers in a muscle become taut.  Often, they refer pain to other areas. They can be caused by poor posture, repetitive movements, overuse, and injuries.  Your RMT will press on and massage over the trigger point with your feedback of location and pressure.  

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